Signature Nameplate on 16" or 18" Chain - 14K Yellow Gold

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This custom signature nameplate is made of 14K yellow gold and attached to your choice of 16" or 18" cable chain. Nameplate will be approximately 38MM x 10MM depending on size of signature.

Please allow 2 weeks for customization.

To submit your signature please follow the following steps:

1. Use a ball point pen or fine point marker with dark ink. No pencils please.

2. Write your name on plain white paper.
• No spaces can be used between names — Mary Ann will be created as MaryAnn.
• Make your entire signature visible. Apply consistent pressure to all lines and curves.
• Include a print copy of your name to help ensure that we make your signature correctly.

3. Take a picture of your signature.
• Use a high resolution setting on your camera or phone. Your signature is much easier to reproduce when you provide a high resolution “Actual Size” image file. If the image you provide is not clear enough for us to use, we will contact you and ask for an additional image. This will delay completion of your item.
• Acceptable image file types are: jpeg or bmp. These are the standard file types used by most cameras and phones.

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